They Don’t Love You Like They Love Beyoncé

It’s pretty much assumed that everyone loves Beyoncé, right? Well, unfortunately I’m one of the [apparent few] people that isn’t in love with ‘Queen B’.

But, that doesn’t mean she doesn’t matter.

Media is impossible to avoid – it’s a way we connect with friends, family, and with the world around us, and it’s how we discover the latest trends and news. Your girl Beyoncé is a prominent figure in today’s mainstream media, with her fame making her unbelievably influential. Beyoncé is known for her bold music and lyrics, and for being a mature and confident woman of colour (among other things, of course). Ever since emerging as a solo artist in 2003, she has blown up as one of the most influential women of all time.

But why?

As a young girl who wanted to be a singer, it was nice seeing and hearing a strong woman take the lead across the radio. Growing up, it was amazing to see someone so important and so well loved who had some curves, who wasn’t super skinny. It felt like I was kind of like her – just a little bit, only in small ways. But it’s nice going online and seeing someone kind of like yourself kicking ass (whether you’re a big fan or not). It says “you can do it too.” As a woman of colour, Beyoncé has had to deal with an unimaginable amount of discrimination (something we all experience in our lives, one way or another), but she’s made it through. I think we all find a little bit of ourselves in Beyoncé.

In early March, 2018, Beyoncé announced that she was going vegan in preparation for an upcoming festival. The response was unbelievable, with her fans not only supporting her decision, but many of them turning vegan too. Thousands of people she has never met changed their lifestyle for her. Beyoncé not only has media influence, but she has influenced the real world too.

It makes me wonder who really has all the power in today’s world. Is it people like Mark Zuckerberg and Jack Dorsey? Or is it people like Beyoncé, and all the other media creators? If Beyoncé says jump, people jump. If Beyoncé promotes something, people buy it. So what if Beyoncé one day decides to boycott a website, or openly decides she doesn’t like someone/something? We find ourselves in people like her, and we tend to trust people more when you relate to them – think about the power we are giving people, and make sure it’s going to the right people.*

To some, Beyoncé is just a singer. To others, she’s God. Either way, Beyoncé has influence, and she matters, whether you like it or not.

*I’m not saying boycott Beyoncé – I think she is one of the right people.

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6 thoughts on “They Don’t Love You Like They Love Beyoncé

  1. First of all, I must say that this is written beautifully. I respect that your perspective of Beyoncé remains the same even though you aren’t “in love” with her like the majority of today’s society. I totally agree with what you were saying about how influential she is to young women like yourself. I know many people who admire her as both an artist and an individual and I can say that I’m the same. Yes…she may be ‘overrated’, but she is definitely not ‘irrelevant’. I also like how you talked about her influence on the world. Like you said; “if Beyoncé promotes something, people buy it…” And that is so true. So many companies would have used Beyoncé to promote their products, and the majority of their sales would have been due to her presence in the advertisement/campaign. So yes, you don’t have to be in love with her to realize that she is in fact, very relevant to today’s society. Awesome blog post, I’ll be looking out for more! 😊

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    1. Thank you for your feedback! It’s amazing actually thinking about how many people influence us – it’s not just Beyonce. The videos we watch and the people we follow really do change our lives and influence us more than we even realise sometimes! Thank you for your feedback, I’m really glad you enjoyed it!


  2. This is super well written and you make it really easy to follow your perspective on the way Beyoncé has influenced us all. Personally, I love anecdotal writing – it’ really clear to me how you have been affected by figures such as Beyoncé from such a young age. I agree that this is something we have probably all (even in unknowingly) been subject to. I’m also not particularly a Beyoncé fan, but I can certainly appreciate her in all her beauty, talent and intellect (even if we don’t share the same style). It’s almost scary how influential these figures can be to a global audience. Yet, I find comfort in the goodwill of those using their reach to send messages of hope in inspiration.
    Love this blog post, thanks for the interesting read!

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  3. Dayle. Dayle. Dayle. My good friend, how impeccable you’re writing skills are I only wish to have such power. I think you have a leader-like voice and write with your heart at your fingertips. Your writing style is powerful and precise, and you almost had me convinced that she isn’t worthy of queen status. However I oppose your ideals and still believe that she is the chosen one. Keep up the top notch work tho yo. Don’t h8 appreciate.


  4. Great job Dayle! I really enjoyed every minute of reading this. I loved how you approached this weeks topic of media ownership, exploring how Beyonce owns media through her influence on others. You have managed to put aside you’re previous perceptions of Beyonce and created an intellectual blog post that makes us question just how power celebrities are! When we think about it, they power over us is some-what scary…Moreover, you should be proud of this!

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  5. Excellent read! I love how you challenge your own personal bias by stating that even though you are not a mega-fan of Beyonce, you still acknowledge and respect her role in society. Your writing style is very entertaining and easy to follow. I was unaware of how informed I was about the subject matter until I finished reading. It did not feel like learning at all. I do agree with your opinion that she is ‘overrated’ and respect that you went quite in depth on the topic giving opposing arguments rather than agreeing with the question.
    I think you will enjoy this debate on whether she is overrated or not.
    Very enjoyable and looking forward to more!

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