#MeToo and the Megaphone of Social Media

The #MeToo movement began in 2017 as a way for people to demonstrate the sexual harassment and sexual assault that takes place all over the world. The above image is by Tasaffy Hossain – a human rights and gender rights activist who uses this image to promote research and awareness into sexual assault/harassment, and to further extend the idea that the victims of these crimes are not alone.

The dark pink in this image is used to symbolise women and the hardships many of us have overcome, with 81% of women found to have experienced sexual harassment in their lives. As a sharp contrast to the pink, the woman in the image is drawn in a dark black, representing how bold the victims are for speaking out against these injustices. However, the bright yellow coming from the megaphone represents a future of change and enlightenment, and it shows us the difference that can be made by speaking out against the dark times that many people are going through at this stage. The yellow gets bigger the further away from the megaphone it gets, showing that even a few words or a small story can change lives and make a difference.

The words ‘#MeToo,’ represent the power that the internet and those on it have, with the hashtag being more prominent in the image than the rest of the phrase. This shows that when we all combine as people with the platforms we have been given, we can change the world too. The woman in the image is holding up a balled fist, symbolising strength and community with all those around her who have been discriminated against – whether that be fellow sexual assault victims, or others who have been viewed as lesser due to their circumstance.

Between the woman and the yellow ‘#MeToo’ is the focal point of the image – the ‘Megaphone of Social Media.’ This megaphone represents the voices of millions of men and women speaking out against countless abusers. Instead of sweeping their stories under the rug like a well-known secret, people are using their unfortunate and tragic stories to spread awareness and to make a difference in the world.

Though many of these abusers have power and money, there is power in numbers too. By coming together as one, we can now make a change, and get horrible people out of positions of power.

However, this image and the connotations behind it have also been received negatively, with some believing that the #MeToo movement implies that all men have assaulted women in one way or another, coming back with the hashtag #AllOfUs.

I’d love to hear what you think.

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2 thoughts on “#MeToo and the Megaphone of Social Media

  1. Hey Dayle! I love how you gave information about the #metoo movement while analysing an image related to it. I had never paid attention to how strong symbolism is in activism posters and your post was really helpful to make me realise that. I believe it is super important for women to speak out about sexual harassment on social media and the #metoo hashtag just showed us how sexual assault is an issue for women around the world. Liked how you asked for opinions at the end of your post and opened the theme to debate. Great job! 🙂

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  2. Hey Dayle, this post is really informative and I really think that the ‘#metoo’ movement is really helping to spread the message that these sexual assault/harassment victims aren’t alone and that they can speak out against these crimes. However, I can see how some people may receive this kind of hashtag negatively, but these kinds of men that commit crimes like this are formed not born. Personally, I’m a believer that the respect of women should be high on everyone’s priorities, keep up the good posts!

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