I Don’t Like Coffee

The Public Sphere was described by Habermas as a coffeehouse – but what if I don’t like coffee?

As a kid, my Nan and I would drink hot chocolate together, and we would talk about the world. I was only young, so for me, the world didn’t consist of many interesting things. My Nan, on the other hand, had a lifetime of stories and opinions and I trusted her. I didn’t like TV all that much, and I thought that the news was boring, so my Nan would tell me about everything, and the way she spoke made it sound so interesting. My Nan was my source, and I couldn’t think of anything better than that.

As I got older, I didn’t spend as much time with my Nan, instead started drinking Coca-Cola with my friends. As a bratty teenager, what my friends said and the media we engaged with seemed to be the only important thing – fat isn’t okay, masturbation is disgusting and unnatural, we must shave our entire bodies all the time to be beautiful . At the time, I didn’t think anything of it, only wanting to fit in and feel as though I’m a part of something bigger. The opinions surrounding me seemed to be the dominant discourse – almost impossible to break out from.

I’m now a 19-year-old student, and my friends and I often come together to drink tea. My beliefs and ideologies have changed since high school, and I’ve found a like-minded group of people to surround myself with. We have political discussions about everything and anything, knowing that at the end of the day we will still hug each-other goodbye – still friends at the end of it all. I engage with online content that allows me to further expand my knowledge, and share my opinions with other people around me. The internet has given me a public space to share these thoughts safely.

Public Spheres change and grow as we do, depending on the people that you surround yourself with and the period of your life that you’re in. Things change and technologies develop, meaning that our places for discussion and intellectual advancements are not set in stone. In order to be our own true selves, we need to be exposed to varying opinions – biased or unbiased, problematic or not – to allow us to collect all the information we can, hence developing our own opinions. We all grow and change, and will continue to do so for the rest of our lives – as will the public spheres that we live within.

Right now, I like tea, but maybe one day, I’ll like coffee.



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7 thoughts on “I Don’t Like Coffee

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post, I thought taking it back to your childhood with a personal story about your Nan was quite unique and it immediately took me back to my day’s drinking tea with my Nan. And then taking it to your teenage years where your just trying to fit in and taking on the opinions of your peers, is I imagine very relatable to many people. And then going on to your next stage of life and your new ‘Public Sphere’ of your Uni friend group as well as touching on the internet and social media really brought the post together.

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  2. I thoroughly enjoyed your blog post and I think that the comparison between beverages was a great example of the development of environments that we experience as we grow. I think that this example would help people remember the concept really easily! I think it would’ve been great if you touched on the public sphere that has developed online considering it is such a large part of an individual’s life in today’s society. Great Job! You should check out this journal that discusses the public sphere in a digital environment https://www.gla.ac.uk/media/media_279211_en.pdf

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  3. This post is very personal which made it so interesting to read. I believe you grasped the concept of the public sphere well. I also liked your comment “I like tea, but maybe one day, I’ll like coffee” – it sums up the blog so nicely and it gives somewhat light to what the entire topic of the public sphere is about, but in such a simplistic way. I can definitely relate to your stories with your Nan and your social groups at university and I believe I am not the only one that can relate so it’s always nice for your audience to read something that they can relate to as well. Great Job!

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  4. Amazing personal reflection. This blog is excellent in the fact that it challenges the way we perceive ourselves, others and the honest truth behind our interactions with the media as we change and grow over time. I think the reoccurring theme of a different beverage (hot chocolate to coca-cola to tea) representing a different time period in your life was an excellent addition to the post, one in which made me as an audience member think back on the things that influenced me during my different stages and cycles of life.
    The facebook page “The Artidote” gives amazing self reflection and self awareness posts coupled by a confronting artwork which have inspired me in the past. I recommend using them as inspiration for upcoming and future posts. Link here https://www.facebook.com/theartidote/
    – Dom Robinson

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  5. I thoroughly enjoyed this piece Dayle and I felt as though it came from a very personal experience. I could see that you had a strong reflection of this concept from the way you used your words to inhabit your previous experiences with taboo subjects and the way they are perceived by the media and by your peers. This post is definitely relatable to many including myself and it encourages me to challenge the concepts that shape my own connections with the public sphere. Thank you for a dynamic and influential read.

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  6. Wow Dayle, this post is amazing! I really liked what you said about the ever evolving public spheres we inhabit, with things changing all the time. Its funny how that happens. It’s a highly personal post yet its also incredibly relatable, and that’s seriously impressive. Your ending sentence “I like tea, but maybe one day I’ll like coffee” is genuinely thought provoking and has left me in a state of pure contemplation. Thank you for such a great post.

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  7. Quite the enjoyable read! I completely understand the fact you don’t like coffee, it’s a terrible beverage that people only drink to stay awake, but maybe my opinion on coffee may also change. Hot chocolate, Coca-Cola, and Tea are 100% better options and I am happy to see that I am not the only one who grew up drinking them in that order. I do agree that ones main social sphere is always changing, but we always have a choice for who we change it with. Keep up the good work!

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