Pine the Zine

Pine is a Wollongong-based e-zine (or digital-zine) for everybody. Creative aspects of the world are often targeted at those we know as artists, however there are creative people everywhere. We encourage those people to embrace their creativity and to let the world see!

I don’t mind what gender you are, what you’re studying, what your favourite colour is, or where you stand on the “where does sauce belong?” debate. I  just care that you’re creating things – and I want to see it.

Editions should be monthly, if not more often (depending on the success and amount of submissions that are received). Follow @pinethezine on Instagram or Pine the Zine on Facebook if you’d love to check it out.

Submissions are open for the theme “Self” – email your pitches or works through to!


Published by daylebeazley

Writer. Editor. Student. Creative.

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