Pine: The Seed is Growing

My digital artefact seemed to operate in this perfectly sad timeline: ideating, prototyping (and developing a false sense of hope), iterating and remaking. Wishful thinking and a false start allowed me to think that Pine would be an exception to the rule, and that failure isn’t inevitable. The future of Pine is hanging in the hands of Issue 2: Earth. That is, hanging in my hands.

The largest issue Pine has is that it’s completely dependent on external forces – other people. Where some projects rely heavily on the founder and creator, this project relies mostly on the contributions of others, but they wouldn’t have a platform without a creator. It’s this interesting and frustrating circle, which I thankfully managed to break.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t try to politicise a project unless its roots are buried in politics. However, the planet is warming, the world is falling apart, and Pine is the only platform that I really have, so I decided to use it. By expanding the project’s boundaries beyond the constraints of Wollongong and the creative community, I hope that I’ll be able to reach a wider audience, henceforth helping make a real change in this world. Issue 2 includes a diverse range of people who all want to make a difference, so hopefully I’m able to be a part of that.

I’m unsure of the future of Pine. I’d like to make a print edition, but in terms of practicing what you preach, I shouldn’t be adding any more unnecessary waste to the world. Alternatively, I’m considering creating a “Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants” style zine; just one print copy travelling the world like chain mail. Who really knows though? I’ve learned that there’s not a correct formula, you will always have to keep adapting and looking for new approaches.

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