BCM325 Pitch: The Future of Freelancing

As a freelance writer, the future can be scary. Nothing is set in stone and things can go wrong so quickly. However, there are things to love about it: flexibility, freedom, pricing, and more.

“Businesses look to become more agile, using increasing numbers of freelancers seems a clear path they are taking.” (Forbes)

“There is no doubting that freelancing will have a big affect on the shape of the future work force.” (Medium)

However, COVID-19 has thrown a spanner in the works, meaning that small businesses are crumbling, larger businesses are hesitant to stay open, and the economy is crumbling. So, what’s the future of freelancing? I aim to find out.

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7 thoughts on “BCM325 Pitch: The Future of Freelancing

  1. Hello from another freelancer! It’s awesome to see you’ve chosen a topic I can relate to and expressed it in such a well-organised pitch. Also, the music is nice, what’s the track/artist?

    I think it’s interesting how you’ve decided to incorporate the ongoing effects of COVID-19 into your project. How are you going to conduct the interviews? Are you going to be predominantly focusing on writing freelancers like yourself, or are you going to be focusing on all forms of freelance (e.g. graphic designers, web developers, music producers, etc.)? How will you contact potential interviewees, and what will be the medium in which an interview takes place during these trying times? Perhaps you could reflect on how the method of interviewing may affect freelancers forced into similar situations when looking for work. A discussion of how articles like this (https://www.thebalancecareers.com/online-job-interviews-2064216) are more beneficial to freelancers now than ever before could be a good door for you to go through.

    If you look at the #BCM325 Week 4 Lecture, I think you’ll be surprised by how well it can be utilised for your project. It examines the idea of the future containing multiple futures rather than a singular point: one possible future. With this in mind, you could analyse one future of freelancing where COVID-19 is still an imminent problem, and one where it’s absent. This is just food for thought; I advise you to look through the lectures and draw your own conclusions. Additionally, I did some research on freelancing myself last year, I believe this (https://digitalcommons.ilr.cornell.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1063&context=books) was one of the articles I used, so hopefully that can give you a head start. Good luck!


  2. I’m not a freelance writer myself, but I’m still really interested in this DA. These are strange and scary times, and nobody’s sure how this is all going to pan out. I know enough about freelancing to see that it’s isn’t the most stable job in the world, and that’s without the pressures that the Coronavirus brings. In a world that’s currently being overwhelmed by fake news and social panic, it’s great that you’re using your DA to help inform people about how this is going to affect them. This is topical and will draw a lot of attention to your DA.

    Will your blogs focus on a specific niche in freelancing, or will they be broader in concept? For example, I have one friend that’s a freelance journalist, and another that writes a lot of wedding vows and eulogies. The former is finding enough work writing about COVID-19 to get by, but the latter is already struggling. Both of these careers will have to face their challenges, thanks to COVID-19, and I’m sure that both of my friends would be interested in how this pandemic affects each of them personally.

    Your methodology is sound. You’ve put a lot of effort into planning out how you’ll conduct your DA, and if that’s anything to go by, your blogs will be a fascinating read.

    Good luck (with your DA and your freelancing)!


  3. Hi Dayle!

    This is an excellent concept for a DA, bravo!! I think everyone in the arts is a bit nervous about the future of work right now because of COVID-19, and highlighting the opportunities and independence that comes along with free lancing is just what’s needed by us all right now.
    Your digital artefact seems so organised, I feel it’s smart to do research on the past statistics of freelancers as a foundation to the rest of your project. I also appreciate that you have decided to include your opinion and fears on the situation, I think it will help humanise your writing and have audiences feeling more connected with you. I also find myself worried about getting into any type of freelance work because as you said, theres a lot of instability which makes it scary.
    Your methodology is great, I like that you’re going to be conducting some primary research by actually freelancing and observing your own experience, as well as gathering the experiences of other freelancers on top of your research.

    One suggestion I have for you is to consider a feedback loop! Especially if you will be uploading these blog posts throughout the semester. I think it could really benefit you and your DA to have some type of interaction with the audience of your blog. This could also help you customise the topics within freelancing to appeal to your audiences!

    The only other suggestion I have is to consider a sense of place for your research and specific this! Are you going to be looking at research on the future of free lance work globally? This may be difficult to do as there is so much information on different nations and how their creative industries may differ from one another. Something to think about as you continue your research!

    Aside from that, you seem to have a handle on things!
    I’ve linked a couple articles you might find helpful, if you’d like to take a look:


    Best of luck to you as you continue your research! Keen to see your finished product!


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