Peer Commentary & Feedback

In order to create a feedback loop, we must give thoughtful and critical feedback to our peers. As our thoughts and opinions are developed from our own individual experiences, the feedback I give will ideally be unique, thoughtful, and helpful.


Jaime’s Digital Artefact is a podcast episode which focuses on the future of artificial intelligence. A lot of thought, effort, and research had obviously been put into Jaime’s DA so I pointed out the things she had done well. Then, I listed a few points and questions which hadn’t been addressed in her pitch. Though these questions might’ve already been thought-out, they weren’t really displayed in the pitch so I figured it was best to bring those thoughts to the foreground. As someone who has previously undertaken research into Artificial Intelligence, I offered some points which could be explored further, or ways to expand her podcast as a whole if she wanted to make it larger. Additionally, I recommended a specific lecture to refer back to as well as three sources which might be useful research points for Jaime.


Mandy’s Digital Artefact is the creation of an interior design model on The Sims which is then shared to Reddit for feedback. Mandy’s pitch was unique and well thought-out, with her feedback loop and relation to future cultures being intelligent and logical for her DA. However, her pitch was lacking a few small details which I pointed out to her. I also shared a few ideas to potentially help Mandy expand her audience and solidify her ideas and goals. Finally, I shared two articles: one relating to The Sims and architecture and one about how video games have been helping students learn (something which might help her in her critical reflection).


Chris’s Digital Artefact is a podcast in relation to the future and video games. This concept seems really interesting and entertaining to me, though his ideas were only half-developed. I pointed out a few things he didn’t address in his pitch, and offered ideas of what his podcast should focus on. While Chris had a range of ideas to possibly speak about, he hadn’t quite narrowed down his topics. His pitch even asked for feedback and ideas, so I left a few ideas of more specific topics which he could expand on. I also added some suggestions of ways to make his podcast more accessible and enjoyable for his audience. I then added a few links which would ideally help Chris find some more direction regarding the exact topics of his podcast.


My process of providing feedback was to read their posts, watch their videos, and then take notes on my initial thoughts. Then, I narrowed these thoughts down to focus on the concepts, ideas, and production of their DAs. I told them what I loved about their DAs, gave them 4-5 things to think about which may be beneficial to them, and then offered 2-3 resources to help with their process and research.

The idea of leaving feedback for peers is somewhat intimidating. I didn’t want to miss a detail or misunderstand something and then leave feedback which isn’t helpful or relevant to them. However, each project was interesting and engaging, and I already had somewhat of a solid understanding of the concepts. Therefore, I feel that my feedback was (mostly) well-informed and offered a unique (and hopefully not stupid) perspective.

By reflecting upon my own experiences with DAs, I was able offer feedback which picked up on things which the creators might not have. I’ve made mistakes of my own, and hopefully by pointing any potential issues, I have prevented the creators from making similar mistakes.

By using my personal experiences with those topics, my thoughts as a maker and consumer of media, and the research I’d undertaken regarding their topics, I feel that I was able to offer critical feedback which will help my peers.

In the future, I would liked to include more insights gained by reflecting on the lecture materials. Additionally, I’d like to keep up to date with these students’ projects so I can gain a better understanding of their personal goals and the direction in which they’re going. I believe that the next peer commentary will be easier as there will be a solid amount of content to enjoy.

Overall, I feel that I was able to offer at least one helpful point to each person, and I was able to think critically about all of their projects. I feel that this experience will help me to reflect on my own projects more critically in the future.

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