Live Tweeting: Weeks 1-5

One requirement for BCM325 is that we live-tweet each week as we watch the assigned movies. The Subject Outline says that “the live-tweeting exercise is designed to demonstrate your ability to engage in research, critically evaluate a text and engage in productive and convivial discussion in
real time.” Keeping those things in mind, I will now be reflecting on my tweets/retweets/replies/interactions from weeks one to five.

Week 1: Metropolis

My tweets surrounding Metropolis were originally already planned out and scheduled. Following advice from the subject outline and the resources on the Future Cultures blog, I based a lot of my tweets around the history of the film, how it came to be, the behind the scenes of the production, and the critical responses of the public.

However, as the in-class live-tweeting continued, I found that the tweets made throughout the actual screening of the film seemed to be more interesting to me and created more engagement with my followers and people on the #BCM325 hashtag. Additionally, I found that some of the tweets I had planned out were already brought up by several students, as we had clearly all found the same resources in our pre-class research.

The two tweets below are probably my favourite from that week.

The tweet on the left stemmed from a question I thought up while watching: how early is Metropolis in terms of robots in fiction? This question led me to research the history of robots in fiction, which led to the first tweet there. This tweet actually caused some good engagement, with other students even giving examples of other texts where robots appear. I feel that because my tweet was based off research but was something unique that not all students would be looking into, I was able to bring forth new conversations and ideas.

The tweet on the right is something I noticed while the film was playing. While contextually, the tweet added nothing to the film, I feel that the contrast between music and silence in Metropolis is extremely relevant to the time period in which the film was made. In retrospect, I feel that more research could’ve been done in the thread following this tweet.

Week 2: 2001: A Space Odyssey

I found that tweeting about 2001: A Space Odyssey was easier than tweeting for Metropolis. I came into the movie prepared, having a solid understanding of the production, culture, and plot of the film. However, this time I hadn’t prepared any tweets and instead found it best to tweet in relation to observations and conversations happening around me.

People were still tweeting the facts which were readily available on the internet. While that’s something I considered doing, I didn’t want to be repeating information which people had already seen.

In the tweet on the left, I brought forward a quote about the invention of new technologies and the stigma surrounding them. While this tweet didn’t get much engagement, I personally found it to be a useful quote offering an interesting context relevant to most of the films we’re watching in this class. In the future, giving people a question to answer or a meme to make the quote less dense might encourage more engagement.

The second tweet was merely an observation of mine, however it created a few likes and replies, even from people not taking BCM325. I feel that by comparing elements of sci-fi movies and the real world, I was able to help people consider how art mimics life or life mimics art. I feel that despite having no external research done regarding that tweet, it was still the best tweet of that week. Maybe after seeing the replies to the tweet, it would’ve been smart to do some further research and supply a link which relates future and current interior design elements.

The third tweet, while also not getting much engagement, merely adds another opinion to an ongoing thread. Despite not being justified with any background research, this tweet gave me a lot to think about and (hopefully) added a unique perspective to a conversation.

Week 3: West World

West World was a difficult film to tweet about as I didn’t enjoy it and most of the information I found online was regarding the TV show. While in other weeks, I’ve been able to follow the story while live-tweeting, West World distracted me and took up most of my attention. I feel that because of these reasons, my tweets from this week were lacking in substance and quality.

I feel that both of my tweets shown below offer the similar things. Neither are particularly well-informed but they both bring forward interesting ideas which received an adequate amount of engagement. Once again, not all of the people interacting with these tweets were BCM325 students but are people who thought the ideas I brought up were interesting.

Additionally, these two tweets are other things which I’ve been consistently considering throughout a lot of the films we’ve been watching. While most of the tweets from week 3 weren’t particularly educated, they still encouraged conversation and consideration.

Week 4: Blade Runner

I feel that my tweets regarding Blade Runner were more balanced than in other weeks. Once again, I had done some prior research but hadn’t prepared any tweets. I found it best to Google interesting questions and thoughts I had and find sources which enhance or debate my ideas.

Overall, these tweets didn’t have loads of engagement, but I still feel that they were relevant and useful. The engagement that they did get were full of substance and meaningful ideas, and I personally find that successful.

In the first tweet, the quote I used put my thoughts into words perfectly. It related the idea of humanity and human (or robot) nature with Roy’s goals within the films. By extending a short question to my followers, I was hoping to have more people interact with me and share their thoughts on the matter. Sadly, that didn’t happen. I should’ve added a link to the article where I got the quote from to allow people to do further research into the matter.

The second tweet was merely a reply to an ongoing thread, relating the ideas between the film and modern art/aesthetics. I feel that my tweet encouraged further conversation which in turn helped me think further about the world surrounding vaporwave.

The third tweet was merely an observation regarding the futuristic world of Blade Runner with our world from today. Tweets in this nature are generally successful and stems more replies and ideas.

Week 5: Minority Report

I didn’t know much about Minority Report going into it. While it would’ve been good to do some background research into it, I didn’t realise that the film had changed until 10 minutes before we began.

In the first tweet, I offered (what I thought to be) an interesting fact regarding the research going on behind the scenes of the film. The fact itself was long, so I decided to merely screenshot the fact from IMDB. This didn’t encourage much engagement but I still found it useful when watching the rest of the film. I’ve been trying to avoid using facts which everyone already knows, but I feel like this might’ve accidentally been one of them.

The second tweet was an observation regarding our humanity and the humanity within the film. I feel that when the end of the term comes, this series of observations I’ve made will be useful when reflecting on all the films.

My third tweet was another opinion-based tweet which brought forward a few replies. I feel that my original tweet perhaps mimicked what a lot of other people were saying about predicting the future. However, I still had some replies which were entertaining and thought-provoking.


Truthfully, I’d prepared less and less as the films went on. I found it best to avoid using the same facts which everyone else was using and reading, so instead I merely read up on the film beforehand. I would use the facts I found to help guide me into other places to research. Additionally, that prior research became useful when people asked questions regarding the production of the film (eg. the sponsorships in Minority Report or the drug use before 2001: A Space Odyssey).

I found it best for me to watch the film, observe things, and do research where possible. Often this research would lead to useful quotes which enhanced or even went against my own thoughts. On another hand, I would sometimes merely share my personal thoughts without any background research. I found that when I did the latter, I received more replies with people offering their own perspectives. In turn, this helped me to think about the film on an even deeper level.

I had some tweets with interesting resources or quotes which had no engagement at all, not even a single like. While I found these to be informative, clearly nobody else did. In the future, it might be best to incorporate those quotes with my own opinion just to encourage people to share their own thoughts.

I didn’t include many replies to other peoples’ tweets as I feel like I didn’t add much to the picture. Often times, I find myself typing things and then deleting them as I didn’t want to write anything stupid or miss the points that people were trying to make. In the future, I would like to be more confident with my replies by adding my unique perspective or a useful resource.

One thing I completely lacked on throughout the last five weeks is relating the films to the lectures. For some reason, I’ve been having issues putting them together when writing these tweets as my brain puts them into separate categories. I’d really like to start relating the content from lectures/readings to the films that we watch. I think the best way to do that would be by highlighting the most useful parts (or my favourite parts) of the lecture content/readings and putting them on a document to consider while I watch the film.

Additionally, I’d also like to create more remediations while watching the films. I feel like remediations often help me to remember things and can help other people engage with the ideas too.

Overall, I feel that a mix between personal opinions, informed articles, tweets relating to the lecture content, and interesting quotes will help me to have a balanced Twitter feed for BCM325.


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