Internet Paradigm III

This week, we built upon previous and discussed the idea of propaganda, media framing and schema. Personally, the idea of media framing is something which intrigues and often angers me which is why I’ll mostly be focusing on that topic.

The content we consume every day is framed around a certain ideology or bias (whether intentional or not) to show us what the media believes to be important. By framing things in different ways, our beliefs, views, and values can be manipulated or changed.

In summary, the media controls which information we have access to and they deem which information is relevant or important.

One instance which angers me is when a former Australian football-star set his wife’s car alight, killing her and their three children in February 2020. The media’s framing of this case was all over the place, often victimising the the football star despite his history. Some examples are shown in my remediation above.


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3 thoughts on “Internet Paradigm III

  1. Your remediation is a profound example of framing. I couldn’t believe the variety of titles used to describe that car fire. I can see that you understand framing and you illustrate how it creates different perceptions of events. Whereas your remediation lets the audience decide whether the rugby player is a villain, mine tries to get people to persuade people to take one side of a story.


  2. Check these guidelines from an Australian not for profit: “2. Name it

    Name the violence for what it is: ‘violence against women’, ‘family violence’, ‘psychological violence’, ‘elder abuse’, ‘child exploitation material’, ‘rape’ and ‘murder’.
    3. Keep the perpetrator in view

    Use active language, e.g. ‘man assaults wife’ …”


  3. Hi Dayle! I loved reading this blog post and how you discussed the role of the media in framing. I enjoyed your remediation and it made me think more about what news articles I see in the media. While you focused more on the media, I touched on schema which is what framing builds for us cognitively. I look forward to reading more!


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