BCM112 Beta: Freelancing

My BCM112 DA hasn’t gone through too many iterations, with the largest issue being how slow things are moving. As my DA is freelancing, it’s extremely dependent on others, meaning that when they move slowly, that trickles down and shows results slowly.

As a response, I’ve decided to start uploading more onto my own personal site to gain more traction, build my portfolio, and keep things going even when other companies have paused. This will give me the independence I need, though it’s a shame I don’t have the reach that other companies do. Nevertheless, writing about movies is something I enjoy and if people don’t read it, I still had a good time writing it.

I didn’t mention it in the beta video as I’m not sure how much it relates to the concept of freelancing, though I have a slight plan to draw more traffic to my site. The idea is to create short a e s t h e t i c info-graphics which summarise some of the points I’ve made in the movie posts. For example, I might write a list of the best documentaries to watch and post the full thing on my blog. However, I might also create a quick and appealing image of that list and share that on social media linking to my blog. This way, I’m making more content from just one single thing—an idea which we spoke about back in week one. Then my content is more accessible and I’m still getting my name out there.

And finally, I hope to create a comprehensive portfolio on my site which brings together everything I’ve done both in total, and for this DA.

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for more.


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Writer. Editor. Student. Creative.

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