Kanopy for UOW Students

As a film lover, streaming service subscriptions are a worthy investment to me. When there’s not much else to do or I just need to relax, great films are only a few clicks away. In my home, I’m lucky enough to have access to loads of streaming services, but not everyone has that privilege.

Thankfully, some universities and libraries offer Kanopy for free to verified students. While every institution is different (so don’t shoot me if it’s not available to you), the University of Wollongong gives us access to the movie library on Kanopy for free.

While the selection is limited, there’s still enough great movies and docos on there to get you through a few months of iso. Take a peek at the image above to see some of my top picks for movies available on Kanopy to UOW students.

Wondering why your library or university doesn’t provide Kanopy? Here’s some potential reasons why


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