Algorithmic Control II

The idea of open-source and closed-source software intrigued me and led me to consider the software in which I use every day. Before even understanding the difference, I chose to switch to Android simply for the freedom and customisation which is available.

This week, I finally learned the difference (and found out why Android allows users more freedom than iOS). You see, Apple is a closed-source platform, meaning that the software is closed to the public (and only allowing the original developers to edit the code and fix bugs). However, Android is an open-source platform— it’s open to the public and allows users to share and modify the software.

After doing some research, I realised that the majority of software I use is closed-source (eg. Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, Windows). When bringing this up to my partner (who is doing his honours in Electrical Engineering), he mentioned that he consistently uses a lot of open-source software for his degree.

Therefore, my remediation for this week is a visual guide to the open-source software that my partner and I use. As he works in the STEM industry and I work in the Media and Literary industries, this comparison shows the range of software that people from different backgrounds may use.


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One thought on “Algorithmic Control II

  1. What a fantastic blog post Dayle! The comparisons Between Apple an Android was extremely interesting, I was unaware that Apple was a closed source Platform and Android was a open source platform so from your post I definitely learned more information. It was great to hear your opinion, keep going!


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