Algorithmic Control III

This week, we learnt all about our privacy, security, and surveillance, and the lack of control we have surrounding those things.

We’ve kind of accepted that Facebook and Google are probably listening to us, however the companies still haven’t admitted as much. However, we know that our data is collected across the internet and is then sold to other companies—mainly to collect information on users. From there, media shows you the ads which they think you want to see to get you to click the link or even just gain brand recognition. For every search, click, or tweet that we make, our data is put out into the world without thought.

Even if companies like Facebook and Google aren’t listening to you though your phone, laptop or tablet, they still use your searches and interests to target things towards you. While countries like Australia aren’t as strict or invasive as other countries (like China), it’s still just a fact that our data is shared across the internet.

As someone who is moving house within a week, I’ve been doing loads of research. If you take a look at this week’s remediation, I’ve collected loads of real screenshots of Facebook ads shown to me in just 15 minutes.


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Writer. Editor. Student. Creative.

2 thoughts on “Algorithmic Control III

  1. This blog post was really informing for myself and helped clarify the concept for this week’s lecture as I was a little unsure. You have a lovely style of writing. It’s such a crazy concept that information, even our own, is being used across the internet… I guess that comes with the advancement of technology too.

    Great work 🙂


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