Live Tweeting: Weeks 6-12

One requirement for BCM325 is that we live-tweet each week as we watch the assigned movies. The Subject Outline says that “the live-tweeting exercise is designed to demonstrate your ability to engage in research, critically evaluate a text and engage in productive and convivial discussion in real time.” Keeping those things in mind, I will now be reflecting on my tweets/retweets/replies/interactions from weeks six to 12.

Week 6: Ghost in the Shell

Before the live-tweeting session began, I specified that I would be tweeting less during this film as anime is still difficult for me to keep up with. This was also the first week where I started screenshotting stills from the film, so my focus wasn’t primarily on the live-tweeting aspect. With that being said, the tweets I did make seemed to gain a little bit of engagement and are probably my favourite from this semester.

This tweet came from some basic research, looking into the origins and inspirations of this film. By doing so, I was able to find a connection between several of the films for this subject have influenced each other in one way or another. I thought this was a really interesting thing to consider and it gained some engagement, leading me to think that others valued that insight too.

In addition to my first tweet, this second tweet directly shows the comparison between films (specifically Ghost in the Shell, Blade Runner, and Blade Runner 2049). This was also a small peek into my Digital Artefact for this semester, and this once again led to some engagement.

This tweet didn’t receive as much engagement with the others, though I feel as though it was a valuable thought process which has allowed me to consider science fiction, cyborgs, AI, and robots in a new way. This tweet merely came from a thought which had been developing for several weeks.

Week 7: The Matrix

The Matrix is another complicated film which is difficult to tweet to. As it requires a lot of attention and thought to be able to make sense, I decided to tweet less for this film. Instead, I focused on actually comprehending the film and doing some research into the history.

While I only made found one tweet to be particularly important, the idea within it is useful and interesting.

The tweet to the right includes a screenshot surrounding The Matrix’s place in science fiction, including a quote which I felt greatly reflected the movie as a whole. This tweet only received two likes, though it’s something which I can’t help consider whenever I think back to The Matrix.

Week 8: Robot and Frank

Robot and Frank was a bit of an easier film to watch, requiring less focus and attention than the previous two films. By being an easier watch, I had room to reflect more on what was going on in the film and relate it back to my own life. As Robot and Frank is set in a near (and plausible) future, it wasn’t difficult to understand or comprehend this film.

This tweet really relates one prominent idea within this film to the things I experience within my life. I acknowledge that I’m part of the problem in turning away from the traditional paper-back book, though the representation of books (and therefore stories) being lost in the future really hit me and made me think. Additionally, my own thought process could’ve reflected the thought process of others within this film, and possibly explain why books are fading away.

The tweet to the right relates directly to an idea discussed within week eight’s lectures and readings — the idea that technology is an extension of ourselves. I was able to relate that idea within the plot of the film to allow myself and my followers to understand and question the fear of technology.

Week 9: Blade Runner 2049

Blade Runner 2049 felt like another complicated film, though it was extremely visually satisfying and enjoyable to watch. The tweets I made for this week didn’t get much engagement, though I feel as though they helped me to understand this subject and the ideas within it a little more. I feel that it also helped enhance my DA and inspired me into other forms of creativity.

The tweet to the left is a mere fraction of my digital artefact. While this tweet isn’t particularly relevant to the subject materials, it allowed me to share my DA and creativity with my peers. Sadly, this didn’t get much engagement but I feel like it was still a really great way to merge the film directly with my own project. By merging common things in 2020 (the format of Microsoft Paint and Microsoft Notes) with images from a futuristic sci-fi film, I feel like I was able to bring our very different worlds together.

This tweet relates to the ideas within previous weeks, and shares a little part of my feelings with my followers. Despite knowing that these characters were fictional non-human lifeforms, I was still feeling empathy for the characters. While this tweet didn’t get many likes, the three people who did like it made me feel less alone in the idea.

Week 10: Ready Player One

Sadly, for week 10, I was stuck in bed with a killer migraine. As someone who has seen Ready Player One before, I felt that this was a screening which I could afford to miss considering my physical state. However, I will note that this movie is average and does no justice to the book. If you’re reading this, please go get your hands on a copy of Ready Player One by Ernest Cline — it will blow your mind.

Week 11: Alita: Battle Angel

Live tweeting Alita: Battle Angel was a whole other experience. The #AlitaArmy on Twitter were active and engaging with our tweets. In previous weeks, we had never experienced anything like this before. No fan-base had interacted with our class like this, and it created a completely different online atmosphere.

This tweet was one way I interacted with my peers though the live-tweeting process. I was able to add a new perspective to the conversation and give a little more background from IMDB. While it’s cropped from the screenshot, below my tweet is a reply from an Alita stan posting a gif of Alita saying “thank you”. Once again, this was a weird and unique week for tweeting though it personally allowed me to think more about the audience behind the film.

Overall, this is probably my favourite tweet I’ve made for this subject. This was my final week of live-tweeting and I feel like this tweet sums up a lot of ideas brought up across all of these films. It gained a little bit of engagement and some thought-provoking replies. No matter the numbers though, I feel like this tweet is something I should begin to consider in my every day life…

Week 12: 2040

Sadly, I didn’t attend week 12’s live-tweeting session either. While I intended on being there, I was in the middle of moving house and was without wifi until the following afternoon. Apologies.


While there aren’t as many tweets for this blog post, I feel like I’m significantly more proud of these ones. Rather than tweeting basic facts from IMBD or listing off statistics, I feel that these tweets had a nice balance between fact, opinion, remediation, and subject materials. I feel like the tweets I was making actually helped me to understand this subject better.

Before each screening, I did some research into the films to keep me informed of the history behind them. However, I avoided scheduling tweets (where possible) and instead took on my own research as the film went along. In some cases, the films were slightly too complex to do so and I tweeted less and less, though I feel like the tweets which I made were still useful.

Once again, my research often led me to find interesting quotes and articles which helped me to engage in the best kinds of conversation. Additionally, I continued to post my own thoughts and ideas (which, once again, received more engagement than the facts). Like I mentioned in the first Live Tweeting blog post, I was hoping to merge those two factors together slightly more. In these weeks, I believe I was able to do so a few times which ended up leading to some great ideas being thrown around.

I was also able to incorporate more remediations into my tweets for these last few weeks which actually helped me to enjoy the films more. As an extra bonus, these tweets also enforced my DA slightly and helped me to enjoy the visual aesthetics of the films rather than just the story or message.

Overall, I feel like my tweets dropped in numbers but improved in quality. In hindsight, I should’ve engaged even further with the lecture materials and possibly even engaged with my peers more often. With that being said, I do believe that the tweets have improved since the first five weeks, and I feel like my BCM325 Twitter feed is more rounded and more educated.


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