BCM112 DA & Contextual Essay: Freelancing Portfolio

For my BCM112 DA, I wanted to do something which is relevant to my professional career while being flexible to my needs. I also wanted to create something which potential employers or clients could take value in. That’s why I chose to freelance for my DA.

Note: My audiences change depending on the publication or client. However, the audience which I ended up focusing on for this DA are potential clients and industry professionals. These people value high-quality work, passion, consistency, and positive feedback. My final DA is framed in a way to appeal to this audience. While my freelancing work exists to entertain, inform, or help clients, the end product (portfolio) exists to display my work in a professional manner.

The concept was simple; find a job and do it. In theory, things should be posted online in a timely manner and therefore it counts towards this DA. However, as a freelancer, not everything will be made publicly available online. For example, some of my services include editing, proofreading, and resume writing. As some of these things are for the clients’ personal use, they’re not publicly available.

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Another issue I had was that not all of my work was made publicly available in a timely manner. In fact, some of the work I’m doing as a freelancer is still under negotiation, is still in progress, or is going through editors and is on the way to being posted. While I know that work is underway, from the eyes of an outsider, this lack of content would frame me in a negative light (and look as though I’m not actively working). To keep work coming out consistently, I began posting blog posts onto my personal blog to keep my portfolio growing. However, then it may look as though I have very little professional experience and my work simply exists on my own site.

To combat the above issues, I decided to develop a personal portfolio on my site which will be constantly updated with the latest posts from wherever they were posted to. Additionally, the portfolio includes a summary of all the major places I’ve worked for and some links to places where you can find my work. And finally, to combat the issue of things not being publicly available, I’ve asked my clients (or previous co-workers) to provide short testimonials which vouch for my work and services.

One benefit of using a portfolio is that I get to frame my content and shape the way that my potential employers or clients view me. While media framing generally refers to larger media platforms (rather than a single freelancer), I’ve been able to use the concepts from week seven to my own benefit. This way, I can put my best foot forward and present the work which I’m most proud of to frame myself in a better light. Additionally, when I consider the schemas of the people who would be looking at my portfolio, I’m able to tailor the content I supply to fit their expectations.

Another issue I was having was a lack of feedback. While a lot of changes were made after my personal reflections, I still felt that feedback was a necessary part of the process. In response, I created my own feedback loop with my peers, directly asking for feedback on my writing and my portfolio as it developed.

I feel that overall, my DA has developed consistently and appeals to my audience. While it’s difficult to test for sure, the feedback I’ve gotten has greatly helped this project’s development.


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