Beta Peer Review – BCM302

A Watcher’s Guide to Television – Alicia Since her project pitch, Alicia’s DA concept has stayed the same, focusing on creating content about popular and trending films and shows. Initially, Alicia focused on creating blog content which she would then transform and promote on Instagram and TikTok. However, Alicia acknowledged quite quickly in her betaContinue reading “Beta Peer Review – BCM302”

Pitch Peer Review – BCM302

A Watcher’s Guide to Television – Alicia McFadden A Watcher’s Guide to Television is a series of blog and social media posts focusing on action, comedy, and drama television shows and films. Alicia’s pitch itself was beautifully presented, however it would’ve been nice to see/understand her audience in further detail. By choosing something Alicia isContinue reading “Pitch Peer Review – BCM302”

Traffic, Control, and Nothing Else

In December of 2020, I received a call from a woman named Rebecca. I’d applied for a job at her company – a Communications and Marketing Assistant role. Truthfully, I’d applied for so many jobs in the previous weeks that I couldn’t remember what this company was or why I thought I’d be a goodContinue reading “Traffic, Control, and Nothing Else”

BCM222 Visual Essay Pitch

Captions: Hi, my name is Dayle Beazley and this is my BCM222 Visual Essay Pitch. For my visual essay, I’ll be critically analyzing and evaluating how Australian media represents asylum seekers and refugees. More specifically, I’ll be focusing on Behrouz Boochani, the Kurdish-Iranian refugee who was held in the Australian-run Manus Island Detention Centre inContinue reading “BCM222 Visual Essay Pitch”

Deadlines: The Game: The Presentation

Deadlines: A Game of chaos, cooperation and competition. In this real time card game, you must race against the clock and work together to pass your group assignment. However, it is not that easy! You are also trying to achieve the highest individual grade along the way to defeat your teammates and win the game.Continue reading “Deadlines: The Game: The Presentation”

BCM206 DA & Contextual Essay

View my DA here: @thecreativedayle The original concept of this DA was an Instagram account based around visual art which I’d create. As I was looking at developing my digital visual art skills, I was hoping that by including that within my DA, I’d be able to gain a larger audience and create a feedbackContinue reading “BCM206 DA & Contextual Essay”