Critical Essay – Pine

My digital artefact is Pine, a digital zine which gives creatives from around the world a platform to share their work for free. As a writer, I understand the struggles behind potential or attempted publication—financial issues, lack of portfolio, and the high-standard expected by established publications. I decided to fix that problem, giving artists anContinue reading “Critical Essay – Pine”

Making – Pine

For BCM114, I made a digital zine, Pine. But you knew that already. Check it out on Instagram, or you can even check out Issue 1: Self or Issue 2: Earth. This semester has been a constant rush of making, rethinking, and making again. Though Making is the final module in the BCM114 subject, itContinue reading “Making – Pine”

Prototyping – Pine

Firstly, please go check out Pine on Instagram. Secondly, please go view Issue 1: Self on Issuu. Issue 2: Earth will be released on October 16th. Stay tuned, my dudes. Let’s just jump into it.

Pine: The Seed is Growing

My digital artefact seemed to operate in this perfectly sad timeline: ideating, prototyping (and developing a false sense of hope), iterating and remaking. Wishful thinking and a false start allowed me to think that Pine would be an exception to the rule, and that failure isn’t inevitable. The future of Pine is hanging in the hands ofContinue reading “Pine: The Seed is Growing”

Ideating – Pine

The idea for Pine started with frustration. As a writer, I want to get my work out there and published, but sadly, a lot of journals take submission fees. As a poor uni student, I don’t really have $20 spare to submit to a journal that I may or may not get published in. I wasContinue reading “Ideating – Pine”

Pine the Zine

Pine is a Wollongong-based e-zine (or digital-zine) for everybody. Creative aspects of the world are often targeted at those we know as artists, however there are creative people everywhere. We encourage those people to embrace their creativity and to let the world see! I don’t mind what gender you are, what you’re studying, what yourContinue reading “Pine the Zine”


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